These terms and conditions are translated from the Japanese version. In the case of any discrepancy the text of the Japanese version will apply.

1. Rental fees


  • Student discount available.
  • If additional time is required for loading/unloading and preparation of an exhibition or other event, an additional ½ day fee will be applied for access after 3pm the previous day.
  • Please consult with us concerning the use of any additional space not listed here.

2. Applications

For inquiries about availability of any space for any particular period of time, please inquire by downloading, filling out, and sending by email this application form (download link).

After checking availability, a deposit consisting of half of the total rental fee will be required in advance. Once the deposit is received, we will confirm the booking of the space for the requested period of time.

The balance of the rental fee will be due one day before the start of the reservation, and is payable in cash or by bank transfer. Payment by credit card is not available.

Cancellation policy:

In the event that the reservation holder needs to cancel the reservation, a cancellation fee will apply. Cancellations made by telephone up to 3 months prior to the starting day of the reserved time period will not incur a cancellation fee. Cancellations can only be made by telephone. Cancellations by email, FAX or answering machine will not be accepted. Any cancellations made within 3 months prior to the reserved time period will incur a cancellation fee.

3. Confirmation of the intended subject matter/contents

When applying to use any of the spaces in the gallery, we request that you submit materials beforehand clarifying the contents of your exhibition or event. In some circumstances we may refuse use of the space based on contents or subject matter.

In the cases where the contents originally proposed are changed during the exhibition or event, an additional fee may be applied, or in some cases we may refuse use of the space. In these cases there will be no refund of the rental fees.

It is not permitted for the applicant who rents the space to sublease or to transfer use of the space to a third party.

4. Management of goods on display

During the period in which items are on display in the rented space, it is the sole responsibility of the person who rents the space to manage, monitor and keep safe any of the items on display.

Regarding fire, theft, damage, and all other unforeseen circumstances, the gallery bears absolutely no responsibility.

We are contracted with Secom security services to provide security during the night.

5. Equipment and furnishings included

The gallery will provide any of the following basic equipment and furnishing for use for exhibitions and events.

  • 18 lighting fixtures
  • hooks for the picture rails
  • wires for the picture rails
  • 8 exhibition stands
  • 8 sheets of cloth
  • upright piano
  • kitchen

Please consult with the manager for all arrangements concerning these items. Please understand that in the event of damage, stains or disappearance of any of these items, the cost of repairs or replacement will be the responsibility of the user.

Any arrangements for additional items needed that are not listed here should be made by the user.

6. Additional important points

Because our gallery is inside of a historical structure, no smoking is permitted anywhere inside the building.

Please consult with us about holding opening receptions or parties.